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About me

Who Am I?

Logan....Pleasure to meet you.

I have been in the creative field, in some regard or another, for the better part of my life.  I am by no means a professional but it is something I enjoy doing. Art has always been a love of mine, but I have also engaged in music (guitar and mandolin being my favorites) as well as writing (poems, fiction, allegory and short stories).  The process of creating is a wonderful thing, often times more so than the finished product.  Even though family and work has pulled my attention away from doing as much as I would like the digital medium I have used for the last several years has allowed more freedom and access to the tools I need to to create. I hope you enjoy my drawings, photography and paintings, and if you find them to be rudimentary and lacking talent just know that I enjoyed making them and I'm sure that someone else will enjoy looking at them. 


When I am not creating, encouraging my two sons and spending time with my wife, I can be found at our local community college teaching students how to repair, diagnose and understand mechanical systems that keep you comfortable and control factories that create the products you use on a daily basis.


About digital painting.

I use a software called Artrage to do almost all of my paintings.  Being able to open up the software on a moment’s notice and begin laying down brush strokes without the need to get out an easel, paints and canvas has allowed me to create more often than I would be able to using a traditional medium.  Because of this I feel I owe technology, and the creators of such programs a debt of gratitude for bringing back a peace that has been missing from my life.  The digital medium helps me to get right into the parts of the creative process I love the most, without the mess and the hassle that comes along with it.  A more traditional artist might consider this cheating, and to them I applaud their devotion to the art and their free time that I cannot seem to find.  


Although I enjoy painting landscapes the most, this doesn’t deter me from enjoying many different subjects, styles and artists.  Anything done well or uniquely is of great interest to me, and satisfies a place in my mind that makes life just a little better.


About Photography

A moment frozen in time that no one will ever experience again.

Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures and owned several cameras, even some 35mm film cameras.  Which at the time became expensive for my budget to develop.  Currently I use a Nikon D3300 and numerous lenses to take photos.  Some of the topics I enjoy are; architecture, landscapes, and macro.  I rarely take photos of people, but occasionally I will do a little street photography.  Much of the photography I keep and publish can be found on my Viewbug website.

In the last several years I became drawn to nighttime photography, the Milky Way stretched across the sky in it's glory is something to behold.  To understand the size of the deep sky objects, and their distance from us is almost unfathomable.  As a somewhat natural progression I moved from wide angle photos of our galaxy stretched over my southern Illinois corn fields, to zooming in on those formations of ionized gases in the cosmos above our heads.  The photography of these nebula and galaxies has been a somewhat difficult hobby to get into, but as you can tell from the photos I am making some progress. 

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